Mother. Om tara tuttare ture svaha

Mother. Om tara tuttare ture svaha

September 19, 2016


Deities represent our own inner potential.

One of my favorite deities of Tibetan Buddhism is Tara, a manifestation of the universal mother. In fact this very portrait of her hangs above my bed (illustrated by a wonderful L.A. based artist Jon Marro). Recently her mantra has been calling to me. Like a friend in the distance beckoning me closer. Part of the yoga practice is to pay attention to such urges. In the eternal pantheon of cosmic deities, which one is best for you? A good place to start is to observe which form connects you to a feeling of peaceful radiance. Tara came to me at a time when I was grappling with the dichotomy of excitement in becoming a new mother and terror of loosing my own beloved mother. Tara became the mother of us all: a force that I could surrender to and release all that was unfathomable. Tara means star as in luminous radiant perfection and guiding light. Other translations are ‘the one who ferries across’ and ‘she who saves’. Through her grace I was able to let go of the personal story of ‘me’ and ‘my’ and simply rest in the cosmic womb of Mother. Mother who is the portal of birth and therefore death. One and the same. Through seeking refuge in Tara and Tara practices I was able to realize her strength within my own heart.

This beautiful mantra is like a play on the word Tara and can be chanted in rounds of say 12, 54 or 108.

As with all mantras I try to avoid getting tangled up in the literal word for word meaning and simply immerse myself in the experience of the chant; a feeling of being held and supported; a place of refuge from pain, confusion and loss; a guiding light and blessings of abundance.

Take refuge in the mother of all Buddha’s and realize the blessings of compassionate action with in you.

om tara tuttare ture soha

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