WOMEN'S MOON CIRCLE COURSE ~ next round begins 25th NOV 2022

In This Course You will Explore:
The cycles of the moon and how they influence your creative, energetic and emotional cycles.
Yoga practices for the different phases of the moon.
Practices and rituals for the different phases of life.
How to incorporate the energy of the goddess through chanting, storytelling, asana and meditation.
Mantra and mudra.
Creating a sacred space.
Ritual and intention setting.
How to realign your own creative endeavors with the creative forces of nature.

What's in this Course?
This course is made up of eight modules, including twelve lectures, five meditations and nine asana practices. The modules include beautifully designed PDF's to track lunar cycles as well as insightful information on how to set up a personal sacred space.

YOGA TEACHER TRAINING ~ begins September 22nd 2022

Train with us 

Solar Return Teacher Training 500HRS

A year long journey into the heart and mind of Yoga

This 500 hour advanced online program has been designed by Jo, Stuart and incredible guest teachers to guide students through a deep and integral journey into the heart of Yoga. The Yoga Heart Mind advanced yoga training offers a comprehensive combination of asana, meditation, science, experiential anatomy, contemplative practices, advanced teaching skills, intelligent movement practices, philosophy, and integrative wisdom.

This training welcomes in students that are ready to dive in deep into your Sadhana and refine new skills to live an empowered life and to teach from a place confidence and authenticity.

This integral approach honours that everybody is different and has unique needs. As we each grown and develop through this training and beyond we will refine the tools and skills to work intelligently with a diverse array of people.

To teach Yoga Heart Mind is to support the natural unfoldment of your students wisdom and empowerment, so that they can integrate the powerful tools of Yoga into every aspect of life.

As a student and practitioner of Yoga Heart Mind you must be willing to do the inner work, to examine old conditioned patterns of the mind, and be ready to wake up to your empowered, embodied potential. To practice Yoga Heart Mind is to remember who you really are and live from that place.

You will dive into weekly classes with Jo, Stuart and incredible guest teachers. Weekly Q & A sessions will help to go deeper and integrate the teachings each week. There will be 3 immersive retreats included in the training.

This year long training begins on September 22, 2022

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